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Our Goals

The goal of the Gleaning Garden is three-fold:

  1. To grow and provide free, fresh, organic, non-gmo, and highly nutritious produce to anyone who can benefit from it especially to those who don't have the financial means to afford it.

  2. To grow deeper into our walk with Jesus by challenging ourselves to see life in Carmel, Indiana through His eyes.

  3. To educate all people about the benefits of fresh, live, and organic food as well as the importance of nurturing our soil for generations to come.


About Gleaning

Gleaning is the practice of leaving food behind during a harvest so that those on the margin of society could also benefit and collect food to meet their needs. Because it is one of our goals to provide food for those on the margin of our society, we will be donating our food to local charities or to other opportunities as we become aware of them.



The Story

It can be expensive to eat healthy. After radically changing our diets from one of processed and low quality food to a diet of fresh organic vegetables, we noticed a significant increase in our food expendatures and we felt a significant pinch in our budget. We then began to ask ourselves, "how can others who don't have it in their budget to eat healthy eat healthy?"


We have a heart for things often found on the margins of life. This includes land that appears to be forgotten and neglected. Combine this with our desire to meet our neighbors, a desire to care for the poor as well as redeeming our natural environment, we began looking for spaces to create  a community garden. Thanks to the guidance of a few community members, we were pointed in a direction and to people that could help us out.

Vivan Lawhead, owner of Elliot's Mohawk Shopping Center, provided for us a perfect space directly adjacent to the Monon Trail, Union Brewing Company, and SoHo Cafe; providing much needed exposure and surface area to be noticed. This is also perfect because it is geographically located between several nearby apartment complexes. Many of these folks do not have property to grow food. We hope that these people will join us and work the land.